Government Facilities

Government Facilities

RTD East Metro HVAC & BAS

Contract With/Owner: Regional Transportation District
Contract Amount: $2,894,073

Replacement and refurbishment of multiple HVAC units and related equipment, as well as controls equipment as needed.

NREL FTLB SERF & STF Mechanical Improvements

Contract With/Owner: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Contract Amount: $318,140

Installation of new reverse osmosis reject water storage tank with pump, transfer air ductwork with an inline transfer fan and re-piping of the heat recovery system.  Subcontractors included temperature controls, electrical, insulation, and water treatment.

RTD District Shops HRU's

Contract With/Owner: Regional Transportation District
Contract Amount: $2,669,400

Replaced 16 Heat Recovery Units at RTD District Shop.

Colorado Armory Statewide Mechanical Retrofit (15 Armories)

Contract With: U.S. Department of Military Affairs
Owner: Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Contract Amount: $513,000

Work included installation of boilers, control valves, water heaters, etc. depending on location.  All work was in occupied buildings.

Denver Water Westside Administration Building Boiler

Contract With/Owner: Denver Board of Water Commissioners
Contract Amount: $472,175

Removed and replaced two steam boilers with new condensing hot water boiler.  Installed new hot water heat exchanger with 320 gallon buffer tank and new system circulation pump.  Modified existing building controls and electrical to support new equipment.

CDOT Headquarters Coil Replacement

Contract With/Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
Contract Amount: $146,650

Replaced 32 existing cooling coils in the existing air handlers while the building was occupied.