Safety Standards and Practices - Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)


The policy and practice of JCOR Mechanical Inc. is to maintain a high standard of public and employee safety at both the immediate work site and while in transit on your property.  Our employees are exceptionally skilled and well trained in accordance with OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 standards as well as JCOR’s policy and practice that often exceed basic requirements.  Our current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is .72.

Weekly and topical safety meetings are held within JCOR to maintain the safety training and level of excellence our employees demonstrate on your project.

It is the policy of JCOR Mechanical to hold our subcontractors to the same quality and safety standards and practices exercised and stated in our QAP, QC and EHS guidelines.

Scope of EHS Guidelines

Environmental health and safety considerations include not only the facility and immediate employees on site, but also any facility personnel affected by the work zone.  JCOR employees use extreme care and caution in the handling and management of tools, equipment and materials.  Containing the work zone to a safe level is a constant goal of our employees and staff.  Specific management practices are strictly followed in regards to any hazardous materials, chemicals, conditions and procedures.  Records, notices and permits relevant to these guidelines are preserved in the project’s permanent JCOR file.

Special Provisions

JCOR Mechanical is aware that contracting projects with specialized entities may also involve specialized safety requirements.  JCOR stands ready to accept and adhere to these additional requirements, to maintain the integrity of the project and the safety of all those affected by our presence.


For many years on multiple facilities, JCOR Mechanical has held to its safety standards and practices and garnered recognition and appreciation for excellence.  Dedication and professionalism best describe our practice and policy.